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When it comes to social media and digital marketing, we know our way around the online space. Our digital marketing agency can confidently support you to develop your business’ digital marketing strategy, establish your brand online and produce engaging content.

Digital Marketing Services.

Our digital marketing agency is fully equipped to achieve engagement with your brand online. We specialise in helping you identify the online marketing channels and strategies that are going to be most effective in driving traffic to your website.

Social Media

We can develop your social media strategy, prepare and schedule content, develop creative and put together advertising campaigns that hit the sweet spot. When it comes to social media marketing, everything we do is analytically driven to ensure optimal results.

Content Marketing

We can support you in creating, publishing and distributing content to attract attention online. Be it blogs or white papers, videos or eDMs, our ability to walk in your target customer’s shoes is what makes our content successful for clients.

Digital Advertising

We develop and distribute paid campaigns that hit the mark through display, video, social and search. Not sure whether you need stand-alone pay per click ads, a lead-generating funnel campaign or marketing automation? That’s what we’re here for!


Often we find that businesses are aware that they need to be easy to find online, but they are not sure how to increase their visibility. Cue PIER. We know our way around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), implementing meaningful key words co-amplified through clear, concise content development.

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Latest Insights from Our Digital Marketing Agency.

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What the Google Analytics update means for you

You might have heard that Google has launched an updated version of Google Analytics, GA4, and the current version is going to be “sunsetted” in 2023. Although Google is giving us plenty of time to adapt, anyone who uses this tool will need to transition — here’s what you need to know.

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Ecommerce marketing and trusting the process

Ecommerce marketing requires careful planning, calculating and strategising, and it takes time. Let’s dive into the world of ecommerce marketing, digital advertising and gaining customers.

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Why you should be thinking about customer retention – not just acquisition

Depending on where your business is at in its journey, customer retention – the art of holding onto the customers you already have – might even be more important than customer acquisition.

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Building a marketing funnel that drives valuable action

A marketing funnel is commonly known as the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying, loyal customer – easy, right? Not so much. We have a closer look at each funnel stage and how you can drive consistent, valuable action for your business.

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