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A meaningful brand forms strong connections and makes long-lasting impressions. When delivering graphic design services, we believe your brand should reflect your market position, represent your business values and possess a unique personality that stands out from the crowd.

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What is brand position?

Your brand’s positioning defines the way people speak about your business, based on how you make them feel. Think of your brand positioning as the foundation of your brand; everything that follows should align neatly, ultimately setting you up for a consistent and polished look and feel.

Crafting a brand positioning statement is a strategic way to ensure your brand (and its offering) appeals to your target audience and includes consistent key messaging that can be woven throughout all brand collateral. Our team aims to develop beautiful, individual designs and branding that clearly communicate your brand and its mission. We’ve worked with a myriad of brands to create engaging, meaningful positioning that accurately represents them. And your brand? It’s next on our list.

What to expect from our branding & graphic design services.

Clever and inspirational design starts with strong brand guidelines. With our graphic design services, we spend time – up front – interpreting your brand’s existing guidelines to understand logo usage, image selection, fonts and colour palette – or we create your brand guidelines from scratch, if required.

Much like our marketing approach, we commence every project with research to gain a deeper understanding of the design brief, your business, the market you play in, and your target audience. Then, we move onto concept ideation, put pen to paper, and collaboratively hash out our ideas.

Our process ensures that every design element we create not only aligns with your brand’s essence but also effectively communicates your unique message to captivate and engage your target audience.

Branding & graphic design services we deliver.

Logo design

Logos are a crucial component of your brand identity, directly connected to the memorability, promotability and overall success of your business. Other design components that make up logo design include colours and typography.

Brand refresh

A brand refresh is an iteration, or an ‘upgrade’ of your existing brand. It’s where your brand remains clearly recognisable, but we deliver a new and improved version. Sometimes this involves colour palette changes, and sometimes it involves logo edits. We’d recommend conducting a brand refresh every five to seven years to ensure your brand remains modern, relevant, and avoidant of a total rebrand.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that define the overall look and feel of a brand, including icons, typography, tone of voice, colour palettes and other brand elements. They help ensure your brand is clearly identifiable, and provide future designers or team members with the tools they need to execute all-things branding consistently and effectively.


We’re inclusive. Design accessibility makes the world of difference. It’s about choosing typography that’s legible and easy to understand and selecting colours that work across many applications and are suitable for people with limited vision. Strategic design accounts for all the commonly missed opportunities to be inclusive of everyone.

Print design

Print collateral is an important, valuable touch point for your audience. Every print project is mindfully considered to ensure it is the correct solution for your business and your objective. We don’t offer print services that will create waste and excess. We create high impact, impressive, useful print collateral.

Digital design

Be it simple social media posts, animated web banners or a custom website, our design is intended to push your branding into the online space in a way that enhances your business and highlights your unique selling proposition (USP).

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How can PIER help with strategic marketing?

We’re strategic marketing experts who consult, deliver and optimise. We believe that marketing and design should align with all functions of business in order to drive results and effectively work towards a defined objective.

From websites, branding and design, to marketing strategy development and management, we’re here to help your business succeed.

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