Understanding what your customer thinks has never been more important. Oregon Technology’s SENSE product is the coming together of Artificial Intelligence and Very Big Data to give detailed consumer insight, at speed.

Social Psychometrics

Using social psychometrics Oregon SENSE works to identify and measure the differences in personality, needs and values of target audience. The results of this analytics are to offer:

  • Actionable real-world insight,
  • Data that is not influenced by the observer effect,
  • A focus on the aggregate individual.

Social Psychometrics is a field of science that is leveraging technology to get a deeper understanding in to how people think. It is there to understand who they want to align with. By using the Oregon SENSE tool you can increase your confidence that the messaging you are developing resonates with its target.

Ethical Data

Recruitment to the platform is done via the Facebook network and is a fully ethical dual-gain audience participation tool. Oregon’s work is an evolutionary step towards understanding how different consumer, demographic or lifestyle groups differ. We use this to understand how best to address their unique needs in terms of language, product and customer care.

There is a focus on protecting data and the ethical use of insights to support brands in being more effective in what they say. All data is completely anonymous and cannot be attributed to anyone individual. SENSE focusses on private rather than public data to help mitigate against any bias towards a particular audience.

You can find out more about the SENSE product and read about our latest case studies and methodology.

Consumer Insights Process

The process is simple and can be completed in as little as 4 weeks. Once you have identified your audience we will recruit, analyse and report back to you with our findings. We produce a reporting dashboard which lists participants only by random values and cannot be used to trace an individual or singular opinion. SENSE is GDPR compliant and approved by all the data sources we use.

Every participant who touches our tools is offered the same data we collect. For example, if we study the personality of person X, that same person will be given their scores in a meaningful and health-positive format. Only then the summary data is shared to our analysis server, removing their ID, name, email and trace footprint.

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PIER Marketing are the sole partner of Orgeon SENSE in Australia and New Zealand.