Digital advertiser tips everyone should apply

Online advertising is booming with more than 40% of digital consumers using social networks to research new brands or products¹, so it’s important that your brand is represented in the right way in this competitive space. Luckily, our resident digital advertiser is sharing the most important tips they use on each project.

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Get to the point

The internet is a busy, fast moving space.  You’ve only got a second or two to capture your target audience’s attention so there’s no time to be wishy washy.  Know who you’re talking to and then get to the point, succinctly and, if you can, creatively.  Gone are the days of just a handful of TV channels where audiences were relatively captive.  There are so many distractions just a click away, our digital advertiser understands that your online ad needs to hit the mark from the offset.

Digital advertisers embrace change

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google don’t stay the same for long; they’re constantly evolving their products to improve customer experience, but ultimately to improve profit margins.  The way you targeted an advert last month could be vastly different to how you’ll do it next month.  The goalposts are constantly changing. Digital advertisers need to be on top of the ever changing landscape to remove any guesswork and ensure your advertising spend consistently delivers for your business.

Divide and conquer

With many businesses competing in a cluttered landscape, you need to work harder to reach you target audience.  It’s a noisy space with businesses all clambering to speak to their targets, who may be exactly the same as yours.  So ensure you give your advertising the best chance by segmenting who you’re targeting to… and then some.  Never try and talk to everyone because you risk talking to no one.

For example, if you sell donuts you may want to split your budget three ways with three separate adverts, one to reach the sprinkles fans, one for the glazed lover and one for the chocolate addict.  

Donuts buy now! ad
^ Talking to all donut lovers

People who are or know a sprinkles lover are more likely to share the advert, tag them in or like the advert that talks directly to them; more so than the advert talking to all donut lovers. This will give you better cut through to the people most likely to be interested in your product. Overall your ad may be seen by less people, but it will talk directly and resonate more strongly with those that do. 

Think about the user journey beyond the digital advertisement

To maximise your digital advertisement’s ROI, make sure you have a clear goal for what you want your advert to achieve and then set conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness. If you sell products online, then you want to know which adverts are not only just getting the most likes and shares, but which adverts are converting to sales or website traffic. Make sure you look at all the metrics to get a clear picture of your adverts performance.  

Take this example advert below from one of our digital advertisers. Imagine both adverts where shown to 1,000 people and everyone who clicked then landed on the same website page.

Advert A had a lot of interest. The advert was engaging and encouraged a lot of people to click onto the website. However, when they arrived on the website they then failed to purchase. Maybe on this site, the new flavours were not exciting enough, or were not easy to find. This shows that the creative worked, but the customers did not find what they expected when they arrived.

Advert B had less engagement. The advert did not attract as much attention/interest. Therefore, not many people clicked onto the website. However, those who did, found what they were excepting on the website and then had a high conversions rate to sales.

Advert A could be improved with a better landing page experience. Advert B could be improved with a more engaging advert. Never look at just the advert performance alone. Always consider what else is impacting the online experience.

Good digital advertisers are multi-centric

Good digital advertisers optimise their ads for a mix of metrics. Your campaigns should have a spread of measures such as engagement, page likes or reach, whilst other should be about goal conversions such as sales, or video views. It’s important to have a mix so that you are growing your business reach and brand awareness whilst meeting other goals such as sales conversions or website visitation. This mix will give you immediate rewards and whilst at the same time providing longer term benefits such as more leads.

Looking for a digital advertiser?

If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of online advertising products or need help executing an engaging creative online campaign, our team of digital advertisers can assist in helping you find the right online strategy for your company. Contact us or drop us an email at [email protected].


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