Turn business milestones into a powerful marketing activity

You’re probably thinking champagne, nibbles and balloons? Somewhat true. While it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate business milestones, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to create a compelling marketing activity by putting fresh and exciting content out in the market… and get your business contacts involved in the process.

People celebrating an event with party supplies and champagne

Whatever the milestone, be creative with your message. Your business will only have this opportunity once, so think outside the box and aim to surprise your target audience. How can you make this marketing activity totally unique to your other campaigns?

Here are some business milestones that make great marketing activities:

No matter the size of your company or the stage of its growth, there are no shortage of business milestones that can be formulated and celebrated. With that said, here are some of our favorites:

  • Launches e.g. new product, new service offering, new business acquisition
  • Birthdays / anniversaries
  • Rebrand
  • Award

Possible marketing activity ideas:

  • Run a promotion themed around your birthday that will get everyone feeling the love: 10th birthday, get 10% off. 5 years, discount 5 of your signature products. 2nd birthday, buy one get your second free.
  • Logo update: Big business birthdays (10, 25, 50 years) can and should be celebrated on a slightly more permanent basis. Add a tagline to your logo along the lines of ‘celebrating 10 years of business’ as a special anniversary edition. Just don’t forget to change it back at the end of the year. 
  • Competition: A milestone is the perfect opportunity to reflect and give a little something back. See what suppliers / partners you can get on board to build your prize package. If you run a services business, don’t panic, you don’t need product, offer some of your valuable time. Your expertise is valued!
  • Products: Think about launching a limited edition product or service. Can you run a collaboration with a similar business? 
  • Flash sales: AFL does this really well – if a team wins, they reward their members with discount off merchandise. Can you help share the warm and fuzzies of a business success?
  • Customers: Find your very first customer and interview them for your socials‚ or profile 5 of your clients for a 5th birthday
  • Compare and contrast: Look back to where you’ve come from and share on your socials – great content marketing and brings your audience along with you on the journey! Take it one step further and create a timeline video. In order, gather your key events and significant wins and create an engaging video. Reminisce with your first employee, your first office, your first product etc. and invite customers to ride the flashback with you. 
  • Statistics: Another strong one for content marketing – think of any key statistics for your business over the years – shoes sold, burgers flipped, mortgages sold – and celebrate them on your channels!
  • Event: Any excuse for a party, right? Think about a gathering at your office, hosting celebratory drinks at a local venue or inviting valued clients and suppliers on an experience – in line with your brand of course! If you’re celebrating a rebrand, then an event is perfect for the grand unveil.

Celebrations are a great marketing activity that boosts team morale

Milestones are a good chance to recognise and thank your customers, as you wouldn’t be where you are today without their support. Also take this opportunity to dwell in your own success – share how awesome you are with current and potential customers! Celebrating a birthday demonstrates your expertise and skills and recognition from an industry body gives the sense of trusted accreditation. 

In addition, it’s equally important to further develop staff morale and celebrate with work colleagues, commemorating what you’ve achieved together. At PIER Marketing, we know a thing or two about how to celebrate milestones.

Have you got a business milestone coming up? PIER love an excuse to party. We can help make the most of your achievement, drop us a line at [email protected] or (03) 5975 3742.