Wholehearted branding.

Dr. Jane Offor is an experienced GP and sexual health and menopause specialist practitioner. With Dr. Offor’s passion and care for her patients, it was important to work with a team that understood her vision, so she engaged PIER to nurture her brand to life.

To understand how we could take Dr. Offor’s compassionate personal approach and represent it in a brand, we worked to articulate the brand position, tone of voice and value proposition. This insight informed the logo and marketing collateral design, including business cards, eDM template and printed promotional material. We then took the brand online with a welcoming website that embraces Dr. Offor’s open-mindedness and effectively communicates sexual medicine and menopause practice services.

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Dr. Jane Offor

What we did

Brand positioning
Logo design
Marketing collateral

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“I was very happy working with the PIER team and the outcome exceeded my expectations. My website and branding truly reflects the feel that I wanted, it’s like nothing else I’ve seen in the medical field and just looking at it gives me joy!”

– Dr. Jane Offor, Sexual Medicine
The outcome

Dr. Offor’s brand wholeheartedly represents her approach to sexual and menopause medicine, providing patients with a safe a non-judgmental environment online, offline and in person. The first two launch eDMs returned a 43% and 60% open rate.

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