Drawing customers into the vicinity.

Vicinity Centres (Vicinity) redeveloped The Glen shopping centre in 2019 and launched a new advertising campaign — but the campaign didn’t quite hit the mark and foot traffic never materialised (then the pandemic hit — of course). In 2021, Vicinity conducted qualitative research to work out how best to communicate its offer to resonate with the right target groups. The team then decided to take the essence of the original campaign but shape it into something new, and they engaged PIER to help.

Who for

Vicinity Centres

What we did

Campaign strategy
Creative concepts
Content plan
Photoshoot management
Video production management
Media assets

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We immersed ourselves in all things The Glen. We looked at the previous campaign and how it was received by customers, reviewed the research, visited competitor centres and explored the newly defined helix customer personas. We dove into the centre’s brand toolkits and brand architecture, and visited The Glen to ensure we really understood the brand from every angle as well as what makes the centre unique.

Then, we brainstormed a new campaign shoot. We created a reverse brief complete with budgets, timelines and defined campaign goals then used all of this as our guide for messaging, imagery, video content and talent selection. To ensure we covered every aspect of The Glen’s offering and why people visit the centre, we crafted content plans to convey each of the key pillars: Convenience, Everyday, Family, Style and Dining/Entertainment. These concepts needed to feel like a natural, seamless evolution from the 2019 campaign while also incorporating the lessons learned and the new research.

Over three jam-packed days, we worked with creative directors, stylists, videographers, photographers and other production experts to capture high-quality content. We then finalised all the deliverables to be rolled out across billboards, street furniture, video, online advertising and organic social media — and handed it over with a detailed content plan.
The outcome

The Glen now has a campaign that is both relatable and aspirational, and showcases all of the great experiences visitors can enjoy at the newly redeveloped centre. There is increased awareness among Vicinity’s target audience of the centre’s unique offering and vast range of stores, and the centre has been repositioned as “Everyday Plus” — a hyperlocal destination for everyday items, fashion and more.

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