How do you like them apples?

Summer Snow Juice — local makers of delicious apple juice — needed to raise brand awareness and boost sales. The business had a burgeoning customer base and wanted to spread the word about their products a little further. PIER was engaged to help with customer acquisition and retention.

We employed our favourite, tried-and-tested campaign strategy: the marketing funnel, which allows us to capture members of the target audience at various stages of their customer journey.

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Summer Snow Juice

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The top of the funnel is all about brand awareness, so we launched social media ads targeting potential new customers with engaging creative (think: animations and carousels). The middle of the funnel involves reengaging and remarketing to people who have purchased before (in this case, we used social media ads with direct calls-to-action such as free shipping). Finally, at the bottom of the funnel — the section dedicated to retaining customers — we made sure Summer Snow Juice stayed on existing customers’ radar through electronic direct mails (eDMs) and social media ads that notified them of new products and key sales events.

We also ramped up our advertising efforts at certain times throughout the year — for example, in the lead up to Black Friday and Christmas celebrations. For Black Friday, we followed a tiered discount approach to increase basket size (customers who purchased three products received a five percent discount; four products attracted a 10 per cent discount and six products earned a 20 per cent discount).
The outcome

During our recent Black Friday campaign alone, Summer Snow Juice saw a remarkable lift in sales and engagement. Our eDMs generated revenue of $9,100, an open rate above 35 per cent, conversion rate of 20 per cent and an average order value of $99 (demonstrating the success of our tiered discount approach), while Facebook and Instagram ads returned $1,200 in revenue. During this period, Summer Snow Juice had a 12.5 per cent website conversion rate — well above the benchmark of 3 per cent.

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