In this case, judge the book by its cover.

Frankston City Libraries (FCL) is under the banner of Frankston City Council with three permanent locations and four outposts across South East Melbourne. Eager to raise engagement in the community and increase library visitation, FCL needed our help to consider its ‘why’ and develop a brand that expresses what it is that people love about the libraries.

Who for

Frankston City Libraries

What we did

Marketing audit
Brand positioning
Logo design
Branding guidelines

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We began by crafting FCL’s brand positioning – what they do, how they do it, who they do it for and why they do it. It was key to understand this right from the beginning so that we knew how FCL wanted to be perceived in the market. The values we identified for FCL in the process: accessibility, discovery, connection, learning and knowledge.

A comprehensive marketing audit looked at FCL’s physical locations, website, collateral, social media and staff questionnaire results. We uncovered a mismatch in the desired brand perception and how they were perceived in the community. From these insights, we recommended a brand refresh to modernise the look and feel of the branding and align it with FCL’s values and purpose. Clear branding guidelines helped drive consistency in the application of this branding to achieve communication that was effective and engaging.

To aid the message of diversity, inclusivity and accessibility, ‘library characters’ were designed to add liveliness to the brand. The colours selected include sunshine, indigo, cobalt, mint and mulberry to create a sense of energy, while a specific children’s font was included to appear more playful when needed. Along the journey, we had to consider how FCL’s new logo would be used alongside the Frankston City Council logo in a complementary way whilst remaining memorable.
The outcome

FCL’s new brand perfectly represents its values and positioning, injecting life back into the libraries.

“We were impressed by PIER’s process and diligence. They helped us identify our ‘why’ and created a beautiful, complementary brand that we’re delighted with.”

– Tammy Beauchamp, Manager Community Safety at Frankston City Council

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