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US-based Kentucky Equine Research (KER) was losing market share of their Equi-Jewel product in Australia and wanted to know why so they engaged our market research company. We did a little investigating…

We undertook some comprehensive market research – both qualitative and quantitative. We started with anonymous focus groups (one of users and one of non-users, uncovered by a clever screening questionnaire). We made sure we asked the right questions to get a solid understanding of the factors involved in the buying decision. Armed with these insights, we turned to the online community with an Australia-wide survey designed to really put our qualitative findings to the test.

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“I would definitely recommend PIER Marketing. It’s their professionalism and from the first time we met them, they conducted themselves in a way that you would like to be looked after from a client’s point of view.”

– Ken Miller, Business Development Manager at Kentucky Equine Research
The outcome

What resulted was marketing gold – a crystal clear insight into exactly what value consumers see in KER’s Equi-Jewel brand. And our market research company loves nothing more than crafting a marketing strategy with invaluable information like this up our sleeves.

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