Navigating new growth with Into The Wild.

Into The Wild offers unique, tiny home accommodation in regional areas. They’ve been around since 2017, but they recently did some soul-searching to get clear on their identity and position in the market, and decided they were ready to enter a new phase of growth. The problem was that recruitment was taking longer than expected at this crucial time in the business. With two major projects already underway (a rebrand and a large website project), Into The Wild needed design and development expertise and someone to help steer the ship so these projects would remain on track. They also needed support to ensure seamless, smooth sailing once the new marketing manager began. PIER stepped up to the helm.

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Into The Wild

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Project management
Branding rollout
Website development
Launch support
Graphic design
Print production

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We started with a discovery phase so we could immerse ourselves in understanding the business and all its moving parts. This included becoming familiar with the people and suppliers (a design agency and a web agency) involved in the projects. We also needed to assess where the projects were at, determine priorities and devise a plan. We identified success for Into The Wild as creating a solid timeline for the external and internal rollout of the new branding; having a dedicated team to manage the rebrand process; and drafting a solid website launch plan.

Our strategy consisted of five stages: ‘Gather’ (where we gained an understanding of the team, business and brand); ‘Plan’ (where we outlined deliverables, timelines and accountabilities); ‘Hike’ (which involved leading the team and managing the timeline); ‘Cheers’ (the actual rollout and launch, which ended up being handled by the new marketing manager); and ‘Unwind’ (the project review and recommended next steps).

We discovered that the rebrand was mostly on track. When it came to the website project, though, there was a little confusion and room for improvement. We took a few steps back to get clarity and perspective on the website so we could see where the gaps were. We spent time determining how the ideal website would function, dove into the user journey and looked at the software required to integrate with other platforms for booking capability. This allowed us to provide Into The Wild with strategic direction, recommendations, confidence and clarity.

The outcome

Into The Wild’s new branding (which was created by Saevil Row) was successfully rolled out and now accurately represents who they are as a business. The new website (developed by WPM Digital) incorporates many of the recommendations given by PIER and includes much more relevant and useful functionality, a better user experience and less administration for the Into The Wild team. We’ve also remained on-board to continue supporting future improvements to the site, as well as other projects — providing detailed briefs for scoping, designs and rationales for consideration and, where needed, rebrand support for new items.

“Thank you so much, PIER! We couldn’t have done this without you, we really appreciate all your hard work.”

–  Renee Kidd, Brand and Marketing Manager at Into The Wild

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