Adventure in a box

Packaging up a new adventure.

As a business selling international walking holidays, the events of 2020 meant RAW Travel (RAW) had to venture into new territory. They came up with the idea of selling “Adventure in a Box” – a tangible product that invited customers to enjoy a hike at home, complete with nutritious hiking food. RAW came to PIER for help in creating the look and feel for the new Raw Tucker product line and creating a visual identity for “Adventure in a Box”.

RAW wanted everything to look aspirational, “Instagrammable”, sustainable and quintessentially Australian. We began by zooming in on RAW Tucker itself for inspiration. The range uses as many local ingredients and traditional Australian bush tucker elements as possible, so we designed our primary visual around a flowering gum shape. We then added a eucalyptus leaf print for an immediately Australian look and feel.

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Raw Tucker Packaging Design

Drawing on the existing RAW Travel brand palette, we used a series of different colours and icons so consumers could easily differentiate between the various meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert).

We designed the “Adventure in a Box” box not just as a means to communicate information, but also as a visually appealing keepsake that consumers would want to hold onto (thereby making it more sustainable than throw-away packaging).
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“PIER’s designs were sensational. They helped us confidently launch a new sub-brand and a completely new product range with a beautiful look and feel. We couldn’t be happier!”

– Birte Moliere, Sustainability Lead at RAW Travel
Raw Travel Poster Design
The outcome

RAW Tucker – which stands out in the market as unique, sustainable, modern and fun – enabled RAW to reach local walkers and campers, encouraging them to hike in their Aussie backyard. It’s also allowed them to generate income during a challenging period for the travel industry — all while celebrating local-based travel options.

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