Picking apart online advertising.

Harvey Wreckers has a niche business with a loyal and committed following comprised of people needing to have their old cars taken away, as well as those interested in procuring car parts. The business had never tried online advertising before and wanted to see if they could reach more people, so they approached PIER for help with brand awareness.

We knew that more of Harvey Wreckers’ people were out there — it was just a matter of reaching them. We started with Google Search ads (which targeted those searching terms like ‘car wrecking’), as well as a Facebook carousel and GIF (which put Harvey Wreckers on the radar of a new audience unfamiliar with the business). Then we set up remarketing ads across Facebook and the Google Display Network to those who engaged, encouraging them to take action.

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Harvey Wreckers

What we did

Campaign strategy
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Advertising artwork
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Google Ads

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Our regular check-ins and monthly reports showed us that the ads were performing well. Google Search was returning a click-through rate (CTR) of over 10 per cent (benchmark is 3 per cent) and over 100 website conversions per month, while Facebook was reaching an audience of 40,000 per month and delivering a CTR of 1.02 per cent (benchmark is 0.9 per cent).
Our three-month report showed us the Google Display remarketing ads were not performing as well as our other efforts, so we turned them off and reallocated that budget into Facebook. We also tweaked the Google Search ads to better reflect search terms, resulting in higher website conversions.
The outcome

After six months, Harvey Wreckers decided online advertising was well worth the investment. We refreshed the artwork and continue to manage the campaigns, providing regular reports to ensure the ads are optimised to be as effective as possible.

“PIER helped us tap into the online advertising world, and we’re so glad we trusted them to take care of it.”

– Darren Weitering, Owner at Harvey Wreckers

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