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At PIER, we believe right brain ideas are best founded in left brain logic. In a nutshell, research insights and strategy always inform our creative approach, ensuring we deliver work that grabs attention and maximises engagement.

A research-based marketing strategy removes the guesswork and provides certainty to achieving the results you want. PIER offers a range of bespoke approaches depending on the size of your organisation or the scope of your project.


Research saves companies time and money by giving market-centric clarity to inform marketing strategy and priorities. Research might focus on a market, a product or a particular service, but whichever it is, it will fundamentally take you from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’.

Audit (Online and Offline)

An audit is the ‘where are you now’ element to your strategy, reviewing your offer, competitors, marketing systems and resources and the customer environment. Audits can cover your entire marketing function, or specific elements of your mix such as digital or branding.

Sales Strategy

Marketing and sales work best when they are operating together. PIER is experienced in strategic sales, channel management and sales force utilisation and pleased to offer sales consultation services to align your sales and marketing functions.

Brand Strategy

Elevating brands is at the heart of PIER’s existence and we firmly believe that brand clarity is critical to every businesses’ success. Understanding what your brand should stand for in the hearts and minds of customers, staff and stakeholders alike informs a plan to then deliver that company character to the marketplace.

Campaign Development

Ready to launch a new product? Looking to reach a new market? Or simply want to get your brand in front of more people? PIER prides itself on developing campaign concepts that convert, taking them to your market in the most efficient and effective way both online and offline.

Measuring Marketing

Every objective we agree with you will be SMART with regular reporting as standard. And if things need tweaking, we’re not too proud to have a little regroup and make an adjustment or two along the way.

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Latest Insights.

Our insights are here to inform and inspire; let us be your marketing motivators.

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