Digital Media Service Trends for 2020.

Oh marketing, you ever changing beast, you. Just when we’re getting a little bit comfortable, you go and move the goalposts. Whether that’s a new social media channel to open an account on (TikTok anyone?), a new Facebook Business Manager interface to explore or a new CRM platform with automation possibilities that blow our minds… one thing is certain about digital media services, the execution never quite stays the same. And that’s what we signed up for – FOMO is our middle name. So buckle up whilst we explore what 2020 might have in store.

Image of gold 2020 shaped balloons on a turquoise background
1. Video – The digital media cornerstone for social channels.
  • We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again… social media channels are now basically being referred to as video channels. You want to maximise your chance of getting seen and get people talking and engaging with your brand? It’s time to hit record and play.
  • The stats are pretty compelling: Video posts on FB increase engagement by a whopping 65% and on other social media channels, videos boost views by 48%. This is a digital media service that you shouldn’t be skipping.
  • Can’t afford a fancy videographer and lighting umbrella? Think about recording on your iPhone but be sure to have a plan in place first. How do you want your brand to be portrayed? What’s the style of video? How will you ensure brand consistency across your videos? There are some great app options out there for recording and editing that allow brands to play in the video space without breaking the bank.
  • Insta and FB stories now allow (and encourage) more informal video styles but be sure that it is enhancing your brand and not detrimental to it.
2. Digital brand engagement
  • Consumers are more discerning than ever before. Not only do we want to shop for that new sofa, from the comfort of our, ahem, current sofa, we’d also like to see how it’ll look in the living room and with a few scatter cushions and Mr Snuffles, the pet labradoodle, for good measure (just kidding, the dog would never be allowed on the new sofa). So snap to it. And that’s what IKEA did with its Place app.
  • Consumers are looking for and expecting deeper brand engagement (in a similar vein to videos) so think about how you can offer that brand experience to your target consumer on their terms. Consumers now hold the lion’s share of the power in this relationship so think about how you can take your brand to them and put them in the picture.
  • If you’re a services business, consider running a webinar or FB Live to give potential clients a taste of your capabilities and expertise without too much effort on their part and just enough IP to whet the appetite on yours.
3. Digital media services for eCommerce – Shoppable posts
  • With brands investing heavily on growing and nurturing their social followings over recent years, the challenge has always been how to convert these into online store traffic and sales? And then social channels came up with the solution – shoppable posts. With 54% of users on social media using it to research purchases, it was only a matter of time before they could buy directly.
  • Even if you’re not selling product on your socials, it’s important to understand, appreciate and respect the shift in the mindset of a growing number of users and the power of this digital media service. Social channels are now going beyond research, content sharing and socialising and becoming an ecommerce platform so think about that when you’re communicating on them.
4. Content is (still) king
  • Whilst #mexit looms heavy in the UK, content continues to reign supreme in the world of marketing… with no signs of stepping down from royal duties. So make sure your 2020 marketing strategy takes this into consideration. Forget the hard sell and instead think about how you can enrich the lives of your target customers through meaningful and quality content that makes them more informed, intelligent, better off or just happier for having engaged with it.
  • In doing so, you build trust so when purchase time comes around, your brand is front of mind. Brands now need to be in this for the long haul – content marketing is no short-term fling. Word on the marketing street is that as more companies put out content, that there is going to be a knee jerk reaction from consumers who are saturated.
  • Expect consumers to start looking for meatier, more in depth and meaningful content – think white papers, thought leadership articles and in-depth interviews. If we expect consumers to invest their time in our content, let’s reward them with something meaningful.

So whilst we immerse ourselves in discovering the newest channels and execution tactics, we take comfort in the fact that good, effective digital media services, whatever the execution, will always be based on solid, strategic thinking and insights. That means knowing and understanding your target audience, what motivates them and what messages will resonate with them to put your brand on the radar. Where they are and how you reach them is effectively the easy part.

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