Market & Customer Research

Market and Customer Research

Understanding your market and your customers is vital in being able to offer meaningful and relevant messages about your product or services. PIER Marketing can help you take the guesswork out of your marketing plan by gathering relevant market and customer research. We dig deep, and by asking the right questions, we’ll get you actionable insights that will make your marketing work harder. 

It’s all about getting to know the people who buy your products or services and understanding what makes them tick. Collating and analysing data might seem dull, but the big idea that follows will set off fireworks. 

To deeply understand your customers, you need to collect actionable information. PIER Marketing can support your business to conduct and analyse customer research including:

  • Market size and maturity
  • Competitor activity
  • Pricing strategies and product understanding
  • Purchase lifecycles
  • Decision making and points of influence
  • Buying behaviours

With the right market and customer research, whether it be through qualitative or quantitative techniques, we can help you scale your marketing activity and get better return on investment. You may opt for one research methodology or a combination depending on your objective. Read more about the importance of research and data in our blog.

Get in touch with us today to find out how PIER Marketing can help your business with market and customer research that can help tailor your marketing campaign.