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Take your business further

Why do we get closer to your business marketing?

The fundamentals of business marketing mean that whoever is responsible for the marketing of your product(s) or service(s) needs to be fully unified into the organisation to optimise understanding of routes to market, sales processes, identify opportunities and foster key organisational relationships.

Marketing’s function is identifying and satisfying customer demand to make a profit.

So often the term ‘marketing’ is taken to mean advertising and promotion, when in actuality it is further-reaching than only these aspects and a far more integral part of an organisation’s existence. Marketing’s function is identifying and satisfying customer demand to make a profit for the organisation. And sure, promotion and ads are an element of this, but neither works as effectively without a sound and informed marketing strategy in place. Demonstrating marketing’s contribution to an organisation requires a detailed marketing plan that should outline both the marketing objectives but, critically, how they relate to the wider organisational objectives. Hence your marketing function – whether in house or outsourced – needs to be across business objectives and priorities to ensure its effectiveness.

And if business marketing is to be continually invested in it needs to justify its existence. There are so many elements to measuring marketing’s performance (think brand awareness / customer growth / market penetration etc.) but ultimately the function is there to support the sales of the goods or service that you’re offering. Hence aligning marketing with sales is critical: it’s one of the most important relationships within an organisation and one that we take care to foster. Our aim and objective are to get an organisation’s marketing and sales function working together; after all they are ultimately wanting the same thing! For us, that closeness is critical to delivering on organisational goals.

How do we get closer?

Business marketing’s success does not occur in isolation; what worked last week / month / year won’t necessarily achieve success on repeat. The dynamic nature of markets, economies and technologies means that a good marketing function needs to and should continuously question, challenge and re-invent what has been done before to optimise success. For us, this is not only about setting a marketing strategy, but systematically and periodically reviewing that against macro and micro environmental shifts.

A marketing manager, whether in house or external – needs to be a leader.

The closeness that should and needs to exist between sales and marketing is critical for us (and indeed any internal marketing department) to adopt. Getting out on the road and up close and personal with your customers gives us valuable insight into their wants, needs, personal emotional drivers and frustrations that are all ultimately business opportunities. A marketing manager, whether in house or external – needs to be a leader. A leader of their team to deliver the long-term marketing strategy, but also a leader within an organisation: they need the ability to motivate and inspire both individuals and departments to deliver against company goals. This is why we get closer; we consider ourselves a part of the team – whether we’re an add-on to the marketing department, or the sum of it, integration is the secret to success.

Taking your business marketing further

We pride ourselves on our ability to improve existing marketing plans and identify new, untapped opportunities. Delivering success for our clients is not just about Facebook traffic or Google rankings – sure, they form part of the roadmap to success, but we take a more top-line view. Our success lies in the growth of your bottom line and that’s why the important conversations you will have with us will be less about likes, and more about commercial results.

What does this mean for your business marketing?

Getting close is a two-way street: we can’t achieve it without a client’s buy-in. That is why we’re clear about the types of clients that we work with. Our client philosophy is a team-centric approach; we understand that our best work is founded on open, honest relationships and delivered when our clients foster this same approach.

Of course, there are always quick wins that fresh eyes and thinking can deliver for some runs on the board (in the same way that a new marketing manager would) but investing in marketing professionals and your business marketing strategy and plan should be viewed as a long-term investment.

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