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With a restructured business plan and supporting marketing strategy, TQ set out to embark on a transformational change with its go-to-market approach. In order to stand out from the crowd and appeal to a discerning audience, TQ needed to revolutionise its existing visual identity, without losing current brand recall.

The refreshed branding had to reflect TQ’s new business approach and impress their target audiences – both online and offline. So, we created a logo with bumper personality, leaning on concepts of human interaction, balance and optimism, while keeping the original TQ colours as a nod to its former identity.

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The new branding was accompanied by an intelligent set of marketing stationary, lifting TQ’s overall level of presentation. Defined branding guidelines also gave TQ clarity to apply its new brand consistently across multiple channels, bolstering recall.

To ensure the new TQ look was carried through online, we designed and developed a bold, user-focused website that effectively communicates TQ’s service offering to users. The new site is complete with a knowledge centre, including two kinds of filtering and read times, and categorised navigation with recognisable industry terminology.
The outcome

TQ has a people-centric brand identity that holds its own amongst its professional clientele, executed across all brand touch points to big brand quality. A brand that will serve TQ well into its future.

“Working with the team at PIER to refresh our brand was both exciting and easy; they really understood what we wanted to achieve. We’ve got great brand visuals that will serve us for the next phase of TQ’s growth”

– Gareth Flynn, Founder and Managing Director at TQ

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