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TQ was embarking on a transformational change in the way it went to market and structured itself internally, resulting in a three-year strategic business change plan, and they wanted their marketing to align.

In early 2019, TQ came to PIER and briefed us to work with them to understanding their positioning and how to present their services to the market. The first challenge came with reconciling the consulting and augmentation sides of the business, which in turn resulted in a full root and branch review of the TQ operating model. As we supported the TQ team through this change, a three-year marketing strategy was put into place, backed up by an in-depth market audit.

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The outcome

TQ obtained clarity and confidence in how to take its new business approach and services to market. The three-year strategy was followed up with an annual marketing plan outlining the tactics and actions required to achieve TQ’s goals.

“We have worked with the PIER team on strategic planning over the past few years. Their quick turnaround, thought provoking discovery sessions and business minded approach to marketing has been invaluable for us.”

– Gareth Flynn, Founder and Managing Director at TQ

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