Peninsula Hot Springs Research Project

Plunging into new opportunities.

Peninsula Hot Springs wanted to increase visitation across typically quieter evenings and midweek to relieve busy weekend numbers. To do this effectivity, we had to understand what influenced local bathers to pack their togs and plunge into the pools.

We got up close and personal, conducting face to face interviews to understand what real benefit past visitors got from a trip to the springs and what price they were willing to pay for it. From this understanding, we crafted an online survey that went out to a wider audience. And we threw in a little incentive of bathing passes to ensure we received a meaningful data sample.

Who for

Peninsula Hot Springs

What we did

Market research
Strategic direction

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The outcome

Our recommendations saw Peninsula Hot Springs activate a ‘late bird’ offer, achieving double-digit percentile increases in evening visitation. And an informed approach to promoting weekday bathing achieved a smoothing of visitor numbers across the week, relieving pressure on the pool’s peak days.


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