Launching in your living room.

Launching in a highly competitive and already saturated toy market, our challenge was to make KICKBrick the must-have toy of Christmas 2017 and get it onto children’s birthday wish lists across the country.

We worked on creating an engaging story around Nick and the KICKBrick. Pitching KICKBrick as a real-life alternative to Minecraft and screen time (and Nick as our big-kid toy inventor), we approached media outlets, high-profile bloggers and social media influencers to enlist their help in spreading the love for KICKBrick.

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“I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the product that I created appearing on mainstream TV – like a kid at Christmas!”

– Nick Cook, KICKBrick
The outcome

Pitches were made, samples were sent and coverage ensued. Starting with a strong and relevant social media campaign, print and online coverage followed. The campaign culminated with a segment on Channel Ten’s The Living Room. Featured in the famous Hot or Not section, KICKBrick was unanimously declared as a ‘Hot’ new product. Return on investment was a whopping 2287%.

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