A foot in the door.

With only European and international marketing tools available, Bata Industrials Australia wanted to create something that held greater resonance with their marketplace, encapsulating the Australian boot and the Australian worker.

What better way to tell a story than in a video? Not a traditional sales video, but a grass-roots story from real-life Aussie workers wearing Bata boots day-in, day-out. We identified three hardworking Aussies who represent the tradie culture. From grabbing a morning coffee to hitting the work site, to winding down with a beer at the end of the day, our three tradies embody the real story behind the Bata brand.

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Bata Industrials

What we did

Video production
Stills photography

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“The video gave us an authentic and unique voice to communicate to our customers and prospects. A foot in the door you might say!”

– Michael Hatfield, National Sales Manager at Bata Industrials
The outcome

An authentic brand video was created celebrating everything it means to be an Australian worker. Demonstrating their understanding of both the market and end-user, Bata utilised the digital space to engage their target audience through video marketing and social media.

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