School’s out.

COVID-19 lockdown presented a new challenge to Mornington Secondary College – how could they convey what the school has to offer to prospective students and parents without the traditional school tour or open evenings?

Choosing a new school is an emotional decision, so PIER wanted to convey a sense of confidence, openness and professionalism in a way that a brochure or website can’t. A video was the solution. Drone footage brought context and perspective to the school site and facilities, while interviews with members of the leadership team successfully communicated the school’s approach and values.

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Mornington Secondary College

What we did


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The outcome

The informative video has empowered parents and prospective pupils to still make an educated decision. It has been viewed online through the school’s website, social media channels and direct email over 150 times in the first fortnight alone.

“The process pushed us out of our comfort zone, but the pride in our staff shone through. Production and editing enabled us to communicate just what is so special about our school. We love the end result and are delighted that parents and children can still get a taste of what Mornington Secondary College offers, even during lockdown.”

– Linda Stanton, Principal at Mornington Secondary College

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