Finding Rebel Donuts’ gooey centre.

Rebel Donuts (Rebel) is no ordinary donut shop – it’s boundary-pushing, wild and, as the name suggests, rebellious. With four locations across eastern Australia, this growing business needed a brand that matched its unruly personality and could easily be applied both on and offline. With donuts as our fuel, we were ready to go.

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Rebel Donuts

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Brand evolution
Brand guidelines
Collateral design
Website design
Website development
Digital artwork design

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Although the Rebel brand was already in existence, it lacked defined branding guidelines — which made application tricky and often inconsistent. We cleaned this up by creating an in-depth document, the Rebel brand code, including logos, colours, fonts, patterns, photography and guidance on brand application. We also added variations to the brand pattern and elements to allow Rebel’s character to truly shine.

With set guidelines in place, we confidently built out the brand across in-store posters, promotional flyers, electronic direct mail (eDM) design, social media tiles and social media advertising animation.

At this point, the existing website was looking a bit stale. It needed an update so that the feeling of the first Rebel donut bite – drool-worthy and alluring – was replicated online. We took the opportunity to go donut crazy, ensuring the site screamed “Rebel”. Parts of the brand pattern and elements were used throughout the site to provide an engaging and playful experience. We also instructed photos of the donuts be taken from birds-eye view to show off the designs while making users feel like they could grab a donut straight from the screen.
The outcome

The evolution of the Rebel brand was carried out seamlessly, taking it up a notch with uber-cool personality. Application across Rebel’s collateral, social media and website was tasteful yet sprinkled with ferocity.

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